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We accept and made custom design crafts, handicrafts as per order basis of any range of Tibetan and Buddhist ritual crafts. We manufactures the most authentic looking custom religious crafts. We craft each custom piece using traditional techniques. Buddhist crafts will craft all the handicrafts to meet your specific dimensions and will finish your piece as requested. All our custom crafts are handmade by skillful artists. Please contact us at .

Featured Products
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4.30 Silver Box
Beautifully carved all purpose silver box.
Price: US$ 450.00
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7.5 Copper Butter Lamp
Beautiful plain 7.5 copper butter lamp.
Price: US$ 195.00
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12 Antiquated Tibetan Prayer Wheel
Beautiful 12 Antquated Hand Held Prayer Wheel with inlayed mantra lettering and eight auspicous symbols surround the wheel with wooden hand.
Price: US$ 29.00
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8" Green Tara Statue
Beautifully carved Green Tara Statue.
Price: US$ 130.00
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7.6 Table Prayer Wheel
Exquisite finley detailed Prayer wheel with Beautiful Lantsa script Mani Mantras around and Om Mani Padme Hum on top with brass bottom.
Price: US$ 45.00
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