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Astamangala Set
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We are wholesaler and supplier of all our Buddhist religious handicrafts items. We have been manufacturing,
Wholesaling and exporting our handicrafts to many stores, centers and homes all over the world. Our crafts are
handcrafted and our crafts range includes all the Buddhist religious items like: , Butter Lamps Torma, Prayer Wheel, Prayer Flags, Prayer Ghau, Offering Bowls, Ting, Water Vase, Phurpa or Phurba, Buddhist wall cloth, Buddhist curtains, Khada, Kapala, Mandala Set, Bhumpa, Ghanta, Dorje, Incense Burner, Incense Holder, Khadga, Chhegumba, Gongs, Rice Bowls, Ritual Conch Shell, Ritual Lama Cap, Torcha / Jambhala Water, Dhakya, Sherkim, Mala, Mala, Singing Bowl, Damaru, Khatvanga, Tingchha.

Depending on the order we can reduce the price. Please don't hesitate to send us an email for
quotation. . Please contact us at .

Featured Products
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2.75" Green Tara & Chenrezig Ghau Pendant
Beautiful gold plated Tibetan Turquoise Coral and multigemstones Copper Ghau Box Amulet Pendant.
Price: US$ 333.33
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17 Tibetan Conch Shell
Beautiful hand carved Tibetan Buddhist Silver 8 Auspicious Symbols trumpet, made with a sacred conch shell.
Price: US$ 217.00
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13" Vajrasattva Statue
Beautifully hand carved partly gold gilded Vajrasattva Statue with gold face painted.
Price: US$ 383.33
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8.5" Prajnaparmita Statue
Beautifully hand carved partly gold gilded Prajnaparmita Statue with gold face painted.
Price: US$ 284.27
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6 Silver Mahakhala Phurba Dagger
Beautiful Silver Mahakhala Phurba Dagger.
Price: US$ 650.00
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