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Astamangala Set
Butter Lamps
Kapalas - A Tantric ...
Mala - Wrist Mala
Mandala Set
Ghanta & Dorje S...
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Incense Burner
Incense Holder
Khatvanga & Khad...
Malas - 108 Beads
Phurba - The Ritual ...
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Silver Buddhist Stat...
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Prayer Wheel Table /...
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Tibetan Ritual Items or Objects

Tibetan Ritual item or object is an integral part of the Tibetan Buddhism. Our tibetan ritual items or objects are handmade for buddhist practictioners or any one with an interest in Buddhim or spirituality. Our ritual items are used as meditation too, altra supplies to perform rituals to bring good harmony in home, peace in mind.

We have wide range of excellent quality Tibetan ritual items or objects to offer you a complete selection of object used in Tibetan Buddhist practice. Here is the listed ritual items we offer:

Buddha statues Thangkas  
Kapalas Bhumpas  
Ghanta & Dorje Damaru  
Tings Incense Burners  
Khadga Chhegumba  
Gongs Malas  
Printing Flags Printing Flags Blocks  
Ritual Conch Shell Rice Bowl  
Torcha Tingchha  
Sherkim Ghau - Prayer Box  
Nheshi Phuruwa  
Stupas Ritual Caps  
Buddhist Cloths Stupas  
Butter Lamps  
Mandala Set  
Offering Bowls  
Incense Holders  
Prayer Wheels  
Buddhist Trumpet Set  
Ghau Pendants  
Singing Bowls  
Curved Knife  
Featured Products
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9.5 Diameter Singing Bowl
Beautiful 9.5 singing bowl.
Price: US$ 120.00
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2.3 Ting Set
Copper Ting Set with Silver and Gold Plated.
Price: US$ 299.00
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9.5 Tibetan Incense Holder
Excellent quality 9.5 Tibetan Incense Sticks Holder decorated with coral.
Price: US$ 15.00
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13.75" Shakyamuni Buddha Statue
Beautiful hand crafted Shakyamuni Buddha Statue for peace, spirituality and mediatation.
Price: US$ 1390.00
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8 Table Prayer Wheel
Elegant 8 Table Prayer wheel with Mani Mantra on top with beautifuly carved Om Main Padme Hum matra around the center.
Price: US$ 49.00
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