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chenrezig statue

Welcome to Buddhist Crafts is a stop shop for all kinds of different types of Buddhist Ritual Items. Our shop is based in Bouddha, NEPAL. We are a family-run business established in 1950. Besides commercial interest, the genuine desire is to preserve Nepalese culture, heritage, and craftsmanship, and to give employment to skilled craftsmen and women.

We design, craft, and supply all kinds of Buddhist ritual items. We have an extensive range of copper, bone, silver, gold, and stone ritual items used in Buddhist religious rites and related to Tibetan implements and objects. It is our intention to use this internet site as a readily accessible Buddhist Ritual Objects catalog for the entire Buddhists all over the world.

All the ritual crafts products displayed on our site are crafted by our craftsmen. We also ensure that you receive all the Buddhist ritual crafts at a reasonable price. We do retail and wholesale as well. We have been exporting our products to many stores, centers, and homes all over the world. Backed by the best cargo and courier services (DHL Express and FedEx ), we can ship orders anywhere in the world, in the shortest possible duration.

Visitors or local customers are warmly welcome to stop by our store located in the Bouddha, Kathmandu NEPAL.

Please email us at info@buddhistcrafts.com if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. We take pride in offering great customer service

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