Buddhist Craft for Tibetan Buddhist Crafts. Our Buddhist shops are located in Patan and Bouddha Nath in Kathmandu Nepal. We specialize in providing a wide range of master-quality traditional and contemporary Tibetan Buddhist crafts.

At The Buddhist Craft, we aim to bring our customers an amazing range of Buddha statues, Thangkas, Butter Lamps, Kapalas, Bhumpas, Mandala Set, Ghanta & Dorje, Damaru, Offering Bowls, Incense Burner, Incense Holder, Khadga, Chhegumba, Mandalas, Gongs, Malas , Phurba , malas, Printing Flags, Prayer Wheels, Ritual Conch Shell , Rice Bowl, Torma, Torcha, Tingchha, Dhakya, Sherkim, Ghau – Prayer Box, Buddhist Trumpet Set, Nheshi, Phuruwa, Ghau Pendants, Stupas, Ritual Caps, Singing Bowls, Buddhist Curtains etc. We are committed to customer care and to providing quality service.

We accept and make custom design crafts, and handicrafts as per order basis of any range of Tibetan and Buddhist ritual crafts. We manufacture the most authentic-looking custom religious crafts. We craft each custom piece using traditional techniques. Buddhist Crafts will craft all the handicrafts to meet your specific dimensions and will finish your piece as requested. All our custom crafts are handmade by skillful artists. Please contact us at

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