Artists in Nepal have been producing and distributing metal statues and figurines of holy deities for generations. Statue-making is one of the most advanced and highly acclaimed works of art in Nepal. The history of Nepalese metal statue art dates back to the 7th century AD. Artisan in Nepal used a unique lost-wax metal casting process in their early days to create beautiful statues and sculptures. Carving metal statues is a tedious process that requires great skill. Crafting a single piece of art can take up to six months and requires multiple people.

Buddhist Crafts is the finest area to discover the best metal statues in Nepal. We have a significant collection of Nepali-made, excellent metal statues. We can create high-quality metal statues because of the traditional and genuine processes and techniques used in their creation. Our metal statues are handcrafted by talented Patan artists.


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