Bernagchen Mahakala Statue –7.5”

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This is an exquisite Bernagchen Mahakala statue skillfully crafted in copper and finished in authentic oxidation and captive angry appearance. The robes and accessories are intricately carved, displaying exceptional workmanship. The intricate metalworking techniques have been down through successive generations since prehistoric times.

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Source directly from Patan, Nepal


Bernagchen Mahakala statue represents a deity known for its wrathful nature, which is effective in eliminating mental distractions and restoring our brains to a state of focused attention. Mahakala is widely acknowledged as a prominent guardian of the Dharma, despite the various hues and shapes he may become. Individuals venerate Bernachen Mahankal in order to achieve their desires.


Height: 7.5” with Frame

Height: 6.5” without frame

Breath: 6”

Width: 3.5”

Made of:  Copper

Bernagchen Mahakala is the guardian deity having sold physique and muscular limbs. He displays a characteristic expression of anger with fiery hair, intense eyes, and a crown embellished with human skulls and stands with the flames. Two human corpses lie beneath the foot of the statue. The corpses symbolize the demise of negativity. He carries a Kartika knife in his right hand, which is used to cut the obstacles of hatred, greed, and ignorance, and in his left hand, he holds the Kapala skull cup with a mixture of blood and brain.

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