Buddhist Wheel Of Life Thangka Meaning

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The Wheel of Life Thangka is a portrayal of the Buddhist teaching on the impermanence and suffering that are inherent in cyclical life.


Hand painted

Preserve ancient Thangka art.

Deliver 5-7 business days.

Source directly from Bhaktapur, Nepal


The wheel of deluded existence is a powerful mirror for those who are seeking spiritual enlightenment. Symbolically depicting the ignorance, greed, and aggression that are characteristic of the worlds of sorrow and unhappiness, which Buddhists refer to as Samsara, the Mandala’s central image is a pig, a rooster, and a snake that are linked with one another. Five concentric rings of attendant deities or, in the case of these Thangkas, their symbolic equivalents surround the primary figures. These rings are arranged in a concentric format. The first circle, which is known as the circle of Great Bliss, is made up of four goddesses who are located in each of the four cardinal directions. Four skull cups are supported by vases and contain seminal essences, blood, five ambrosial nectars, and the “five awakening.” These cups are located in the central points of the compass. Second, there is the Circle of Mind, also known as the Chittachakra. Third, there is the Circle of Speech, also known as the Vakrachakra. Fourth, there is the Circle of the Body, also known as the Kayachakra. Finally, the fifth circle is the Circle of Tantric Vows, also known as the Samayachakra. These circles are depicted depicting stylized lotus petals fanning outward from the focal image in the second and third variants.

The Wheel of Life Thangka is a portrayal of the Buddhist teaching on the impermanence and suffering that are inherent in cyclical life. In his hands and feet, Yama, the Lord of Death, possesses inseparable tangs that consume all self-perpetuating existence. He clutches the wheel of existence between his teeth. One red cockerel, which symbolizes desire and lust, one green snake, which symbolizes hatred and aggressiveness, and one black pig, which symbolizes ignorance and confusion, are the three toxic delusions that are located in the middle of the wheel. Because these three creatures are constantly chasing and biting each other’s tails, they are the source of the never-ending cycle of becoming. In the following circle, beings either ascend to make their way into the three higher realms or descend to make their way into the three lower realms. A representation of each of the six realms can be found inside the spokes of the wheel. The hell realm, which is located in the lower portion of the wheel, is distinguished by the intense torment that is experienced by the numerous hells, both hot and cold. As a world located in the lower left corner, the hunger ghost, also known as the preta realm, is characterized by intense hunger and yearning. The people who live in this realm have mouths that are like pinholes and stomachs that are enormous and empty. Extreme ignorance seems to be the defining characteristic of the animal universe. At the same time as they are working toward the fulfillment of their desires, the gods in the upper left corner of the image are suffering from competitiveness and ambition. The god worlds are heavens of sensuality, and the people who live there are completely absorbed in the pursuit of pleasure they have gained. The only place where the dharma can be clearly heard and emancipation may be realized is in the human sphere, which is characterized by a continual equilibrium of pleasure and misery.

The paradise of Amitabha can be found in the upper right-hand corner of the artwork. There is a path that leads from the judgment hall of the dead in the realm of hell to Amitabha’s paradise, and those who have the most fortunate Karma are the ones who travel along this path. Sakyamuni Buddha, who has obtained liberation from the wheel of existence, is depicted in the top left corner of the representation. He is pointing at his idealized wheel of the Buddha dharma.

Size with Border: 24.25″ Long x 21.5″ Wide
Size without Border: 21.5″ Long x 18.5″ Wide
Made of: Cotton Canvas, Acrylic pain, and 24 K Gold

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg

The purpose of using Thanka is primarily to serve religious life. After being hung, it is used by worshippers to meet their religious needs.

  1. To understand the teachings of Buddha.
  2. Help on spiritual, physical, and emotional levels.
  3. Use as a Mediation tool.
  4. Eliminate negativity and harmful spirits.


This exquisite Thanka of the Wheel of Life Thanka painting was painted by our master artisan Juni Tamang trained in the Tibetan tradition.

Thanka Brocade:

Thangkas are traditionally framed in borders of silk brocade. The material used to weave brocade is silk fabric. We can provide brocade service upon request. Please let us know if you are interested, we will provide you with samples.

Thanka Consecration:

If you wish to consecrate Thanka then please let us know. The ritual can be used to consecrate any representation of the body, speech, and mind. Once you order the Thanka and request for consecration then we will complete the consecration within two days. Rinpoche or qualified lama from Tibetan Monastery will help to perform this service. Rinpoche will bless the Thanka after consecration if he is available.

We request a small donation of $ 25-40 for Monastery for his service.


We dispatch our Thangkas through Express couriers like FedEx or DHL  within  5-7 business days with full insurance.

Brocade shipping cost will be charged separately based on the weight of the. For brocading extra days are needed. For brocaded Thangka, it will be delivered within 10-15 business days.

Packing: Packed in a strong PVC tube or cardboard tube to avoid damage and to ensure that the painting reaches the customer in perfect condition.

Customization is available for size and design. We are ready to accept customized sizes, please message us your required size and design.

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