Namgyalma Statue The mother of Buddha

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This beautiful handmade Namgyalma statue symbolizes the mother Buddha. It is perfectly cased in copper using the traditional method with detail carving and finely finishing with 24k gold gilding and gold face painting.

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Preserve Ancient Craft

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Source directly from Patan, Nepal

Dimension :
Height: 9.75”, Breath=8" and Width: .5”
Material :
  Copper, 24 K gold plated and gold face painting.


Namgyalma Statue represents the mother of Buddha. This statue properly depicts Namgyalma, Buddhist god who extends life and defeats death. It’s perfect for a meditation place, house centerpiece, or spiritual gift.


Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg

Namgyalma Statue holds a rope and a double Dorje in her primary arm. Her third hand palm faces forward to fulfill wishes. On the left, her firsthand holds up, her second holds a bow, and her third holds an Amrita-Kalash with a flower. Buddhists should view the victorious hair-crowned Mother Buddha as a female Bodhisattva who relieves suffering, according to scripture. Her dharma can extend their life, improve their happiness and intelligence, remove their sins, and protect them from evil.

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