Panacha or Five Jambhala Dzambhala Thankga Painting

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This exquisite Tibetan five Jambhala thangka symbolized the wealth, abundance, and prosperity. This Jambhala thangka is hand painted with acrylic color and 24 k gold detailing by master artisan from Nepal. It is illustrated with five Dzambhala in this Thangka.


Hand painted

Preserve Ancient Craft

Deliver 5-7 Business Days

Source directly from Patan, Nepal


The 5 Dzambhala Thangka collectively symbolize the bestowal of wealth, abundance, and prosperity. Each Dzambhala is characterized by a distinct color, encompassing different material and spiritual enrichment aspects. The White Dzambhala, brings purity and purifies negativity. The Yellow Dzambhala, bestows wealth and prevents financial hardships. The Red Dzambhala offers protection and wealth enhancement. The Green Dzambhala, promotes growth and success. The Black Dzambhala, overcomes obstacles and brings auspiciousness. Devotees seek the blessings of these Dzambhalas to improve their financial circumstances and cultivate virtues such as generosity, compassion, and wisdom.


Size with Border: 30.75″ Long x 22.5″ Wide

Size without Border: 27.75″ Long x 19.75″ Wide

Made of:  Cotton Canvas and Acrylic paint

Brocade Service

Upon request, we may execute traditional silk fabric brocade mounting. Please let us know before or placing order confirm. We will send you sample silk fabric available and pricing information for brocading.

Consecration of Thankga

Consecration of Thankga is done by Lama Guru or Rinpoche’s depending on availability in Monastery.  Once the Thangka has been ordered and consecration requested, the ritual process will be done with few days time. There is no fee associated with this service. But we respectfully request a contribution to donate for the blessings and consecration ritual at the monasteries.

  • Processing time will take 1-2 business days.
  • It will be shipped through Express courier. It will take 5-7 business days for delivery.
  • All the items are insured by the courier.

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